Eco-Friendly Fashion & Sustainability

Eco-Friendly Fashion

Sustainable fashion is the future! That's why KLEAN is taking steps to make sure we're part of the movement.

For environmental and ethical purposes, our products are only created when you order it. We strive for sustainable and responsible practices to produce less waste than traditional retail stores. 

Sustainable Production

We only produce items we get an order for, avoiding textile waste from overproduction. Our printing partner's state-of-the-art printing tech creates almost no wastewaters and uses less energy.

Each product you see in our catalog is made on-demand—once you place an order, we produce it specifically for you. This allows us to avoid overproduction and textile waste, and we pride ourselves on being part of the sustainable fashion movement.

Our clothing is printed with the direct-to-garment (DTG) printing method. The printing tech we use is made with sustainability in mind, and our DTG printers use almost zero wastewater and less energy, lowering our carbon footprint.

Our Community Initiatives:

KLEAN has partnered with organizations like EcoCart and Pledgling in our efforts to give back to our community.

At checkout, we offer our customers the option to donate to multiple charities and organizations that fund towards different causes.

EcoCart is an organization that helps to make your orders with KLEAN carbon neutral. This means that we will eliminate, capture, or otherwise mitigate all of the carbon emissions created from shipping your online orders. “Net zero” is another term you might hear and it’s simply another way of describing what happens with carbon offsetting.

When you opt-in to donate to EcoCart at checkout, you fund projects that reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions like protecting forests or building wind farms. Carbon offsets let you pay to reduce the global GHG total instead of making radical or impossible reductions of your own.

EcoCart’s projects go through rigorous carbon offset laboratory and field testing. We only fund projects that are carefully vetted, ethically proven, and scientifically verified according to the world’s major carbon standards. Projects are also third-party verified with site visits by our trusted partners to ensure successful calculation of greenhouse gas reductions and management of funds. 

Pledgeling Foundation is a nonprofit organization with a regranting program that efficiently distributes tens of thousands of donations each month from individual donors and businesses to their favorite causes. 

At KLEAN, we have multiple rotating campaign funds through Pledgling we offer for our customers to donate. This includes but are not limited to funds that:

  • Reduce Carbon Footprint
  • Support the Environment
  • Provide Clean Water
  • Support Cancer Research
  • Support Refugees
  • Support Human Rights
  • Save Wildlife
  • Provide Meals
  • Provide Shelter
  • Support LGBTQIA Youth
  • and many more